Hi! I’m Sherri Huang and I am an ASHA-certified speech and language pathologist (commonly referred to as a SLP) licensed to practice in seven states in the U.S.


I am a Michigan native who first became interested in the field of communication science and speech therapy halfway through college at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, where I had started out studying linguistics and journalism. I then continued my educational and clinical journey in the speech pathology master’s program at UMass Amherst.


I started doing travel therapy in 2015, following the completion of my clinical fellowship and then some at a New England speech therapy clinic with a focus on local school contracts. I had dreamed of traveling and doing travel therapy for the longest time, but was also super interested in learning how to start my own practice right away. I have since worked in a variety of medical settings nationwide ...

Live for life’s adventures. Follow this travel SLP on her journey during and between job assignments as a traveling healthcare professional — and her journey through life as a growing, healing individual. See if travel therapy is for you. The time to go for your dreams is now.