Manifesting our reality

I’ve been at it again — hitting the road, embracing change, and finding my place in the world wherever I go (trying to). I’m not fearless, but determined. Not perfect, but enough. Not invincible, but resilient. And making progress all the time.

The universe is a magical place. I am so grateful for my experience back in the Midwest this past year. I’m thankful for new connections and good memories, for quality time spent with family and friends, and for all the experiences and the personal lessons learned.

I’ve noticed countless synchronicities occurring on my path, and lately, I’ve actually been noticing myself experiencing moments of deep peace and hope at times, piecing together and understanding our essence as entangled beings in the vast universe. It helps me appreciate the people I’ve crossed paths with that much more, as well as the events and circumstances that have occurred — all things I now realize I had (subconsciously) needed at the time. It’s all unraveling and it feels so wonderful, so comforting, even though it hasn’t all been easy.

Currently, I’m in the middle of a new travel assignment at an acute care hospital in northern California, which I am super, super thankful for. Those of you who know me well have likely heard me talk about the all-too-coincidental story of how this assignment came to be. It is exciting for me, so I will do my best to contain that energy and articulate it in writing.

The gist of it is that my recruiter (my primary one) reached out to me about an opening in northern California, like, way north of the Bay Area, or San Francisco. I hadn’t been way up there before so I was interested in the location. I was also super interested in being back in an acute care setting. I appreciate that fast-paced setting where I constantly feel like I am contributing and also have plenty of opportunities to learn new things.

Well, at the time (during my last week or so at my Illinois SNF assignment), I was also pondering moving to Colorado. I had applied for my SLP license there and, after my phone interview with the hospital in California and not having heard anything back, I was mentally set on this SNF opening in Colorado, even though my heart still hoped for the hospital assignment in California. Then, almost miraculously, the northern California hospital came through and made me an offer. Of course, this was my first choice, so I was so welcoming of this new energy.

Last summer I didn’t know quite what I had signed up for, accepting a travel assignment at a nursing home in middle-of-nowhere Illinois. Now, a long contract extension and almost a year later, I look back, bewildered at where all those months had gone. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling. Even though it’s been repeatedly challenging to turn away from more permanent job offers each time, my intuition says to keep traveling and to keep growing. I’ve noticed I feel most alive when I am moving, traveling, road tripping, exploring, making new connections, and creating new joyful memories and experiences.

I’ve been thinking often of this concept of home and what it truly means, and I’m noticing a parallel between “home” and this idea of true happiness being inner happiness. In other words, home is more than a tangible, physical dwelling. It lives within us. It’s a feeling — a feeling of love, warmth, acceptance, togetherness — that we take with us beyond physical or geographical constraints.

I’ve appreciated the frequent transitions that come with the traveler lifestyle; knowing a new experience awaits me every few months has motivated me to make the most of my short time in whichever place I find myself. It has been such an honor to work alongside some really caring, knowledgeable, and positive professionals, not to mention positive connections I’ve made with so many people.

Through all its ups and downs, this past year has provided me with multiple lessons and blessings. During this next chapter of my story, if you will, I am refocusing my energy on self-healing and growth, choosing happiness and peace.

May all of you reading this be inspired to create your reality. Find your inner happiness by choosing it. Take the leap to live the life you’ve wanted for yourself. And most of all, remember to value those beautiful souls you cross paths with wherever you go. Our aspirations don’t come true unless we believe and trust in them. Co-create them. Build them. Work for them. Nothing in life is ever handed to us. We attract into our lives the energy we put out there. I hope my message will inspire at least one person, aspiring travel SLP or not. So go forth and shine bright, everyone.

More updates on my adventures as a (new-ish) travel therapist to come. Until then, may the summer sunshine bring you joy, laughter, and an exorbitant amount of positive memories.

With love,